E-Lab Reports

Receive test results within minutes of release by the laboratory!!
Trace Elements provides our clients with the option to receive laboratory reports electronically in PDF format. For each client that chooses this option, Trace Elements support staff will send a PDF report via e-mail attachment to the clients registered e-mail address within minutes of release by the laboratory. Upon receipt of the PDF report attachment, your office can then open, view and/or print the entire report as needed. Using a color printer, your office can print single or multiple copies of each report that are as presentable as those sent by the lab via standard postal mail.

Register For Option To Receive PDF Reports Electronically
(For established clients of Trace Elements only)
In order to receive reports electronically, please complete the following registration form. Data provided is not sold or shared with any other company or organization.







Laboratory Submittal Instructions For E-Mail Reports
Please note, once you have registered, clearly write "E-Mail" at the top of each future HTMA Laboratory Submittal Form in which you would like a PDF lab report returned via e-mail. If you do not write "E-Mail" at the top of the submittal form, the report will automatically be sent by standard postal delivery.

Technical Support
For technical support, please contact Customer Service and request support for PDF report attachments.