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The Newsletter is a regular publication of Trace Elements. It is intended to provide our professional clients with the kind of information that will be useful in the area of nutritional therapy, and trace element testing of tissue, foods and water. The Newsletter will also report on new products, services and continuing research updates.

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Stress, Hair Tissue Mineral Patterns and the Hypothalamic-Pituitary-Adrenal Axis (HPA) 2018
Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis, Statistics of Children with Autism 2017
Hair Trace Elements, Environmental and Archeological Studies 2016
HTMA - Nutrition, Epigenetics and Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA) 2015
Hypothyroidism and Hypertension 2015
HTMA - Uranium 2014
HTMA - A Tissue Biopsy 2014
Diabetes, A Failed Approach 2013
Osteopenia - Vitamin D and Calcium 2012
Vitamin D Deficiency in Patients with early Onset Parkinson's Disease 2012
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Viral Agents 2011
HTMA Mineral Ratios - A Brief Discussion of Clinical Importance 2010
Hair Analysis and Heavy Metals - Hidden Toxicity Detox. Questions From The Field 2009
Nutrition And The Neuro-Endocrine Web 2009
Vitamin D 2008
Orthopedic Disturbances and Nutritional Status 2007
Metabolic Syndrome X 2007
HTMA - Useful as a Metabolic Indicator 2005
Nutrition and Aging 2004
Fibromyalgia - A Metabolic Profile 2004
Practical Clinical Application of HTMA: Case Studies 2004
The Trace Nutrients Product Line 2004
Are Nutritional Supplements Really Necessary... 2002
Autoimmune Disease and Women 2002
Specimen Preparation in the Laboratory 2001
Hair Trace Elements and Hypothyroidism 2000
Clinical Reliability of Hair Mineral Analysis... 2000
... Importance of Proper Specimen Collection 1999
Trace Elements and Glucose Disorders 1999
Clinical Nutrition 1996
Literature Review and Commentary 1996
HTMA Patterns in Children with Idiopathic Scoliosis 1995
The Immune System and Hair Tissue Mineral Patterns 1994
Mineral Imbalance, Endocrines and Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis 1993
Multiple Sclerosis 1993
Attention Deficit Disorder - A New Hypothesis 1992
Cholesterol - Fat - Protein 1991
Sodium - Decrease or Increase Your Intake? 1991
Calcium Supplementation - Osteoporosis and Psychological Problems 1991
Osteoporosis - Contraindications of Vitamin D and Calcium 1992
Disease Clusters - Clinical Observations 1990
Stress 1990
Weight Control Through Metabolic Control 1990
Alcohol, Why Some People Can Drink More Than Others 1990
Calcium and Virus Activation 1989
Utilization of HTMA For Metabolic Typing 1989
Pre- And Post Menstrual Syndrome 1989
Metabolic Manifestation of Disease (Sympathetic - ParaSympathetic) 1989
The Six Scurvies 1989
Hypoglycemia - Type I and Type II 1989
Red Wines and Migraine Headaches 1988
Zinc\Copper Ratios and Brain Function: Special Implications For Education and Special Education 1988
Glycemic Response and Calcium 1988
Misconceptions of Dietary Protein 1988
Hypercalcemia (Two Cases) 1987
Determining Osteoporotic Tendencies from Tissue Mineral Analysis of Human Hair... 1986
Water And Its Impact on Health 1986
Implications of Lead Toxicity 1985